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Common Knowledge of Ice Making Machine

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Ice produced by ice maker mainly includes cube ice, snow ice and scaly ice, which are widely used in cafes, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals and other places. This article briefly introduces several common knowledge problems of ice maker.

(1) Daily ice consumption:

According to the daily amount of ice used in the peak time of the use place, the maximum amount of ice used per day is estimated, and then the ice maker with different output is selected.

(2) What are the ice maker sensors?

Condensation temperature, ice filling, ice thickness and water level.

(3) Why does my ice maker always keep flooding?

The water inlet valve of the ice maker may be broken. It can be tested whether the wire between the water inlet valve and the circuit board can conduct electricity and which parts are broken. The ice maker can make ice, but it takes longer.

(4) Why does the ice maker not freeze?

First check whether the switches and knobs are in the correct position. If all the above are normal, please check the refrigerant adequacy? Has the heat conduction link been polluted, resulting in poor heat transfer?

(5) Maintenance and maintenance methods of hotel ice maker?

First of all, it is necessary to clean or replace the filter equipment of the ice maker. Then, it is necessary to clean the water tank, ice mould and diversion pipe in the ice maker, as well as the water inlet valve and drain valve. Secondly, it is very important to clean the air-cooled machine condenser. Finally, there is the pressure test of Freon in the ice maker, which needs to be supplemented if it is less.

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