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Cautions in Installation of Ice Making Machine

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Cautions in Installation of Ice Making Machine


After the ice maker arrives, it will start to install. Some friends may ask, what should we pay attention to in the installation process?

1. Arrangement of Ice Making Machine

(1) The machine should be placed in a safe and clean place with air circulation.

(2) The machine should not be placed in the open air, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight and rain. You can't get close to the heat source around you.

(3) The operating environment of the machine should not be less than 5 C or higher than 38 C.

(4) There should be enough space around the machine, especially not less than 250 mm behind it. In order to heat the machine.

(5) Please adjust the foot screw at the bottom of the machine to ensure that the machine is placed horizontally and smoothly.



2. Installation of water system

(1) Connect the source of drinking water that meets the local drinking water standards.

(2) Connect the filter when necessary in order to improve the drinking standard of water.

(3) The water supply system must satisfy the following conditions:

A. The lowest water temperature is 2 C and the highest temperature is not more than 38 C.

B. The lowest water pressure is 0.02 Mpa and the highest is 0.8 Mpa.



3. Installation of Power Supply

(1) The power supply must be identical with the machine nameplate.

(2) All lines must conform to the national standards.

(3) It must be grounded reliably and the grounding wire must conform to the electrical standard.

(4) Voltage fluctuation shall not exceed <10% of rated voltage.